Lucky bamboo is easy and simple to grow, what you have to do is to keep their roots in water and that will help grow.

If you want to have your Lucky bamboo grow better, take care the Lucky bamboo as follows.

  a. Lucky bamboo prefer warm, wet and inaccessible surrounding. The appropriate temperature for Lucky bamboo is 18 degrees centigrade to 25 degrees centigrade, at these temperatures, they grow steady; they will grow quickly at 28 degrees centigrade and above; when temperature is too low, they grow slowly.

  b. Lucky bamboo can grow in vases and basins as well as in soil. It's better have fresh water every 15days. The best PH value for the water is 6.0-6.5.

  c. The Lucky bamboo will have short joints and yellow leaves with long time exposure under direct sunshine, while the joints will become very long with deficiency of sunshine, the leaves will then look green and a little transparent. A better place for the bamboo is one where there is enough sunlight without direct sunshine.

  d. If there is too large a root system, prune it.

  e. A tower-shaped bamboo consists of many single pieces among there may occasionally be one or two becoming yellow and withered, just take it away and others will grow all the same.